Easy Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe No Mayo

Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe No Mayo | Today is one particular days that I need to stay bed all day, but sadly I know my video project won't edit itself as well as the papers won't write themselves. I'm on the portion of the semester where I don't care anymore. I strive to be done! Not less than I can see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

I've already begun packing up my stuff and preparing to move out. My parents thought I was joking when I said I'd be waiting about the curb for them with my stuff. Folks that know me know I'm a planner and prepper towards the aim of OCD. I hate disorganization. I'll write a post concerning how to stress less when moving because I've reached it down to the science now.


Healthy Chicken Salad No Mayo


Anyways, I whipped together a delicious chicken salad recipe yesterday. It's gluten free (I served it on gluten free bread too) and it's way healthier than regular chicken salad because it won't use mayo. Prior to deciding to knock it you will need to test it and I bet you may not even be capable to distinguish the difference!

Whenever I evaluate chicken salad sandwiches, It's my job to think "That appears really efficient, I like a part of that." Unfortunately, it's often pretty a guessing game (too much mayo, excessive onion, excessive whatever), but something I've always noticed is it's holy hell unhealthy.

I'm looking at you mayonnaise.

I dispise mayo. Hate it. As a youngster, I disliked it a great deal of I often tried mustard at my tuna instead (talk in terms of a weird flavor). And nearly all chicken salad recipe demands it. Just as one incredibly popular picnic/potluck/derp-de-derp-I-don't-know-what-to-bring dish, I'm sure amazed at what amount of people just get forced out sitting out sun-drenched (usually together with the egg salad, also slowly starting to be poison).

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